Connecting Dots

Our Mission 

Weave.AI brings together AI scientists and business leaders from Amazon and Microsoft to employ innovative ways to deliver value from AI, unstructured content, and deep personalization.

We leverage AI to offer unique insights to public companies so they can build, manage, and improve their ESG profiles. We help investors evaluate ESG performance for existing portfolios and new investments. Weave.AI Spectrum ESG evaluates content for relevant peer groups to deliver ESG insights to relevant stakeholders, including benchmarks and gap analyses.

Weave.AI Spectrum Engage is a breakthrough client experience and analytics platform that helps asset managers turbocharge client engagement by transforming long, arcane analyst and fund reports into personalized, engaging, and interactive talking points (called smart talking points). The resulting micro-interactions boost sales effectiveness, drive deep customer, market, and investment insights, increase customer loyalty and retention and boost AUMs.


Leveraging A.I.

Leveraging A.I.

Meet The Team

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Nosa Omoigui
CEO and Founder

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Nosa Omoigui is the CEO and founder of Weave.AI. Prior to Weave.AI, he led machine learning and personalization teams at Amazon. Nosa also held a senior role at Microsoft Research (MSR). Nosa has a total of 23 granted patents and over 50 pending patents on various areas of technology, including AI. Nosa has graduate degrees in engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) where he was a General Instruments Fellow and a Herbert L. Toor scholar as the winner of the Best Thesis award.

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Daniel Rasmus 
ESG Advisory Services

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Daniel W. Rasmus leads ESG Advisory Service Practice at Weave.AI. Dan brings over 30 years of professional services experience to Weave. He served as VP of Knowledge Management and Collaboration at Forrester Research, and as the Director of Business Insights at Microsoft. Dan is the author of Management by Design, Rethinking Smart Objects, & Understanding AI. Rasmus holds a certificate in Intelligent Systems Design from UC Irvine.

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Stephen Madson
Front-End Development

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Stephen Madson leads all front-end development at Weave.AI. He has over two decades of experience architecting first-in-class large-scale web solutions for multiple Fortune 100 companies—including Google and Disney.

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Jody Gist
Business Development Representative

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Jody Gist manages business development and sales and is passionate about educating customers and helping them address their business needs. Jody has worked in multiple industries and brings unique perspectives to her customer-facing role at Weave.AI.