ESG assets are poised to top a third of global AUMs by 2025, yet ESG data quality remains a major challenge for investors and corporates alike. Given the lack of standards and the highly subjective nature of ESG ratings and their interpretation, the transparency and explainability of ESG claims is becoming top of mind amongst regulators. A 2020 Schroders survey also found that institutional investors cite greenwashing as the biggest impediment to sustainable investing.
What are investors, corporates, and other stakeholders doing to mitigate these risks and challenges? What technological solutions, if any, exist to help combat these issues? How effective is the EU taxonomy in addressing this and what other steps are regulators in the EU and the US exploring to protect stakeholders, especially retail investors?
Please join us for a thought-provoking webinar where we explore these issues with world-leading ESG thought leaders from across different parts of the ESG landscape: asset managers, corporates, retail investors and regulators.