The New Standard in AI-Powered
ESG Benchmarking and Stakeholder Engagement

Improve ESG performance, reduce risks and drive growth

Leverage AI to automate your ESG and risk workflow

Discover ESG issues

Discover what ESG issues are most material in each industry or sector or in your supply chain

Evaluate materiality

Evaluate the materiality of ESG claims

Benchmark ESG performance

Benchmark ESG performance

Detect risks in near real-time

Detect risks in real-time from multiple perspectives (ESG, legal, political, cyber, regional, etc.), in addition to factors and subfactors driving said risks – at the industry, sector or supply chain level

Get early warning alerts

Preempt risks or ratings downgrades via early warning alerts

Remediate risks

Remediate risks by discovering peer best practices

Drive stakeholder engagement

Automate stakeholder engagement via ESG talking points

Boost regulatory compliance 

Boost regulatory compliance

Industry-leading ESG insights at lightning speed and unlimited scale

We support any sector, industry, or supply-chain

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



Increase in ESG client, stakeholder, regulator, and investor engagement


Increase in the discoverability of material ESG data points, emergent ESG risks and early warning alerts


Cost savings as measured in estimated productivity improvements for ESG teams

Complete transparency and customizability, both previously limited or impossible 

The AI-powered ESG analysis for investors and companies
The AI-powered ESG analysis for investors and companies
The AI-powered ESG analysis for investors and companies
The AI-powered ESG analysis for investors and companies


Weave.AI Spectrum ESG is an AI-powered ESG data and intelligence solution that automates how companies and asset managers benchmark industry peers, sectors, investment portfolios and entire supply chains, evaluate the materiality of ESG claims, identify disclosure gaps, detect and forecast ESG and portfolio risks, and boost ESG stakeholder engagement to attract ESG capital and improve compliance, all at lightning speed and unlimited scale, by leveraging proprietary AI algorithms and an industry-first ESG Knowledge Graph.

Companies also employ Spectrum ESG to gain industry-wide insights into what ESG issues are most material to their industry, sector, or supply chain, and to current or prospective investors, and to identify specifically where they and/or their suppliers need to improve their ESG activities and disclosures to attract more investors and lower their cost of capital.

Weave.AI automatically transforms oceans of ESG reports and disclosures into smart talking points, intelligently ranked by materiality, to help companies and asset managers better engage clients, stakeholders, and regulators. This in turn helps attract ESG capital, and boost compliance. Weave.AI also automatically detects and issues early warning alerts on emergent ESG risks relevant to an entire industry, sector, or supply chain.

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The AI-powered ESG analysis for investors and companies