Spectrum Learn

AI-Powered Microlearning

Turbocharge employee learning, engagement, and retention

Leverage AI to automate employee microlearning and engagement

Turbocharge employee 

Drive transformative increases in learning-related employee engagement

Accelerate new hire time to productivity

Streamline onboarding and reduce learning-related new hire ramp time

 Reduce employee turnover

Increase employee retention by embracing microlearning

Enhance sales readiness

Boost sales effectiveness, reduce sales cycles, and increase win rates

Optimize your content spend

Drive cost savings via higher content utilization and spend optimization

Offer personalized learning experiences

Engaging micro-interactions and analytics help automate learner segmentation and personalization

Understand aggregate learner trends

Drive aggregate insights on learner engagement trends for skills forecasting and planning

Optimize your content for a global audience

Optimize your learning content for all demographics including millennials and Gen Z; translate your content to more than 100 languages

Industry-leading employee learning and insights at lightning speed and unlimited scale

We turn all your static learning content into the Weave format

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The Weave Format - 

Engaging Micro-interactions

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Increase in the amount and quality of employee engagement insights


Increase in learning-related employee engagement


Cost savings as measured in estimated productivity improvements for internal teams


Cost savings as measured in higher content utilization and content spend optimization

The AI-powered ESG analysis for investors and companies
The AI-powered ESG analysis for investors and companies
The AI-powered ESG analysis for investors and companies
The AI-powered ESG analysis for investors and companies


Weave.AI employs advanced AI to analyze industry and market reports, whitepapers, product brochures, case studies, and other learning content, and distill out only the most relevant facts, graphics, and trends—called smart talking points—to help more rapidly build personalized, compelling learning experiences for each employee.



This turbocharges employee engagement and retention, saves costs, and drives revenue growth. These stories—called ‘Weaves’—are snackable, digestible, interactive, and measurable, a format optimized for digital engagement, personalization, and retention.

Weave.AI’s engagement insights also facilitate rich, real-time insights into individual learners’ engagement levels, profiles, interests, and personas. This helps businesses mine engagement trends, pinpoint disengaged employees most likely to leave, and craft highly personalized learning experiences, which further deepens employee engagement and helps grow revenues.

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