Weave.ai uses artificial intelligence and contextual search to change the way you interact with your devices.


We are a team of AI engineers and entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in data and artificial intelligence.

Rodolfo Rosini
Rodolfo has taken three startups from inception to market, recruited their management teams, raised VC funding for each and successfully sold one. He has deep domain expertise in information security, games and encryption.
Ben Sizer
Ben has an MSc from Nottingham Trent University in industrial computing systems and artificial intelligence. Ben has a wide range of computing experience, from full-stack web development to massively multiplayer online games, from geographical information systems to mobile app creation.
Mikkel Birkegaard Andersen
Mikkel has a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark on developing socially intelligent artificial agents. He has studied AI at Imperial College London, been a visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam, and has appeared as an AI expert on TV and radio.

How to find us

We are based in central London. Our offices are in 2 Kingdom Street, London W2 6EZ.

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Metatron AI Technologies Ltd
Incorporated in England and Wales
Company Number 09614531
107 Cheapside, London EC2V 6DN