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Spectrum ESG

The only end-to-end AI and SaaS solution that can efficiently help automate ESG due diligence and benchmarking


– at the report, project, company, industry, sector, or supply chain level

AI-Powered ESG Benchmarking and Stakeholder Engagement

Spectrum ESG automates how companies and asset managers attract ESG capital by leveraging proprietary AI algorithms and an industry-first ESG Knowledge Graph

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With Weave.AI you can

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Monitor and proactively assess current and emergent risks in near real-time

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Benchmark key goals, progress, metrics, and practices against industry peers

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Sift through mountains of data at lightning speed, to dramatically reduce time-to-insights

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Engage and alert stakeholders with targeted, digestible, and actionable data insights

Asset Managers

Automate ESG due diligence, stewardship, and stakeholder engagement


Optimize your ESG reporting, detect disclosure gaps, and automate stakeholder engagement

What we put in

Mountains of ESG data

Regulatory filings

ESG reports, ESG updates, ESG transcripts, paid research

Industry news & videos

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What you get out

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Smart Talking Points

Gap analysis, materiality ranks, report cards, early warning alerts

Engaged prospects, clients, advisors, intermediaries, internal teams, suppliers, regulators

A consolidated, easy to use risk dashboard

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Leverage AI to automate your ESG and risk workflow

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Discover ESG Issues

Discover what ESG issues are most material in each industry, sector, or in a supply chain

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Evaluate Materiality

Evaluate the materiality of
ESG claims

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Benchmark ESG performance

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Detect Risks
in Real-Time

Detect risks in real time from multiple perspectives - at the industry, sector, or supply chain level

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Get Early Warning Alerts

Preempt risks or ratings downgrades via early warning alerts

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Remediate Risks

Remediate risks by discovering peer best practices

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Drive Stakeholder Engagement

Automate stakeholder engagement via ESG talking points

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Boost Regulatory Compliance

Boost regulatory compliance

What Our Customers Are Seeing

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Increase in ESG stakeholder engagement

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Reduced costs

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Reduced time to insights

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Increase in ESG benchmark
and risk insights

Modern Architecture
Weave.AI in the News

"This is an outstanding example of the power of AI.  Large reports generalize, which AI can personalize.  Why produce 200 pages clients will not read when you can deliver talking points at scale, mapped to their individual interests?"

- Ian McKenna, chief executive of FTRC

Take action to improve your ESG performance today

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