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About Weave.AI

Our Mission

We’re a team of business leaders and scientists delivering groundbreaking AI technology that helps you make better business decisions by surfacing the right information in the right context at the right time


Meet the Team

Nosa Omoigui
CEO & Founder

Nosa Omoigui is the CEO and founder of Weave.AI. Prior to Weave.AI, he led machine learning and personalization teams at Amazon. Nosa also held a senior role at Microsoft Research (MSR). Nosa has a total of 26 granted patents and over 50 pending patents on various areas of technology, including AI.

Kimberly Padley
Customer Success Manager

As Customer Success Manager, Kimberly leads onboarding, training, and customer support efforts at Weave.AI. Prior to Weave.AI Kimberly was a Senior Program Advisor at General Assembly, where she specialized in designing and implementing modern customer experiences across a variety of industries. Kimberly has degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Miami.

Sasha Tuel
Customer Success Associate
Vivian Chen
Customer Success Associate
Stephen Madson
Front-End Development

Sasha leverages her design background and expertise to create customer-centric solutions and elevate satisfaction, partnering with customers to identify opportunities and craft solutions to aid them in achieving their goals. Prior to Weave.AI, Sasha led Product Design at Podium Fitness, where she created and executed a suite of design initiatives to drive customer satisfaction and increase engagement. Sasha is a proud graduate of Chico State University, California with her BA in Psychology.

Vivian employs her experience as a client-facing business analyst to effectively build customer relationships, identify opportunities, and provide goals-oriented support. Prior to joining Weave.AI, Vivian was an Associate at S&P Global, and has in-depth familiarity with risk assessment, project analysis, legal documentation review, and financial modeling – all which Weave.AI aims to simplify. Vivian holds a BBA in Finance from CUNY Baruch College under the Macaulay Honors Program.

Stephen Madson leads all front-end development at Weave.AI. He has over two decades of experience architecting first-in-class large-scale web solutions for multiple Fortune 100 companies—including Google and Disney.

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